Monday, September 6, 2010

Your iPhone Will Not Save You

Technology is one of those few things I give up on before I even try. Every day some new company comes out with some new fin-fangle gadget that the majority of the population feels they can’t live without. Not that there’s anything horribly wrong with that (a few of the people I care the most about fall into this category), but here are a couple reasons why I never will never be that person.

1. At the rate at which technology becomes obsolete, I really don’t see the point in even trying to keep up. Why throw away a perfectly good cell phone just because it’s not the latest and greatest model?

2. I have a computer, a cell phone, and an ipod. I therefore do not need a gadget that’s all of those things in one.

3. In the inevitable event that society breaks down, the world comes to an end, and we are all attacked by zombies, is your iphone going to save you? The answer is no. Because at that point there will be no electricity and so once the battery dies, that’s the end of that. The most effective thing your gadget can be used for is to throw at the zombie and hope you daze them long enough to run away. But even then that trick only works once, unless you’re really willing to go and ask the zombie for your iphone back.


  1. I'm with you on this one! Except I'm not even hip enough for an ipod!

  2. I really like this post. and I agree with you. I also wouldn't want a phone that keeps beeping at me when I have an email (especially from work). Dad and Jeremy have shown me that is not fun!

    PS we told Dallas he couldn't see you today because you are a grown woman and have your own things going on... Dallas disagreed with us. Sorry to break it to you Karms but you are still a little girl.

  3. By the way Karma, our blogs are twins.

  4. Totally agree. Jeremy only has a beeping phone due to work giving it to him. Technology is taking over not only outside of the home but inside. I see too many people wrapped up "addicted" to their ipod, texting, computer games and far less time spending with their family. What happened to playing board games with your spouse/date or children? What happened to having a conversation with your date rather than texting a friend or playing on your ipod? What happened to going out with your family & if somebody can't reach you - so what? What happenened to relying on senses or using a piece of paper with directions than purchasing a GPS? What happened to memorizing important numbers like your own home or spouses work number instead of relying on quick memory dial? What happened to having a brain and using it for good?

    Totally totally agree. Technology is not going to save you!